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    Challenge your friends
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    Mave fun with them, make fun of them !
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Friends List

See your friends that use Drathr and share fun and Drazs with them.

Social Interaction

Share the Drathr App with your friends and invite them to join Drathr.


Send a Draz to your friends, let them choose between 2 options.


Get to know easily how many friends choose option 1 or option 2.


Send photos or text to your friends.

And much more!

Let's draz !


Read What's The People Are Saying About Drathr

“Couldn’t stop playing with friends for hours. Totally addictive ;)”

- Alex

“Ahah, trop drôle ! Merci les copains”

- Tony

“Bon bah voilà, j’ai passé l’après midi entier à jouer..”

- Mathieu

“Du fun et du concret, merci Drathr”

- Maxime

“Merci les gars, je suis sur que ça va marcher !”

- Luc


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